RECA CONSULTING SRL offers financial services to help Italian and foreign companies to activate new projects or to enhance their ideas with public aid. Our services includes the consultation and assistance to get financial assistance and to access the States’ public aid. OUR AIM is to let entrepreneurs or future businessman to get all the  information about soft loans and public financing, and to get a real support for the presentation of financial facilitation requests to the State. Our service is organized in two phases: Information Phase (to have a general information about the facilitations provided by the state for your type of business) and Assistance Phase (our complete service, from the request of facilitation to the financial statement at the end of the procedure).

In particular, our services provides :

  • Investment analysis & planning for your business
  • Identification of the financial facilities that suites the best to your business
  • Check & Control of the requirements for the financial requests
  • Definition of a financial plan (under the economic, financial, legal and administrative aspects)
  • FAQ to public administration
  • Writing of your financial project and preparation of your demand
  • Check of all the documents requested for the financial facilitations and demands
  • Procedure monitoring
  • Assistance until your company gets the facilitation requested
  • Financial statement after the financing achievement