RECA CONSULTING’s aim is to create and realize concrete projects for the growth, development and modernization of our clients. Our team of national and international experts have enough experience to create complex, performing strategies for our client’s business, to make it different.

Our open mindedness  creates an ideal support for new exchanges in our job, and it witnesses the variety of our clients and our working team.

Our core business, with our nonprofit concept, lies in our different services : from corporate to financial services, to communication in different kind of fields (sports, politics, commercials of products and so on).

We enhance our client’s reputation throughout medias, by improving their outside’s perception and promote their strategies and policies with our work team of professionals ; we also organize every aspect of their events : in fact,  RECA CONSULTING engenders reliability.

Our competencies and longtime experience allows us to situate exactly our client’s range and targets , to better their reputation. Our aim is  to unify the know-hows in order to give our clients the best service to enhance their business: we put our knowledge and experience to support Italian and  foreign companies international business with the reliability that they deserve.